HERE is Everywhere. HERE MAPS FOR ANDROID hits a new milestone


HERE Maps Android app has hit a new milestone in terms of downloads at Google Play Store. As per a new blog post over the official 360 blog, it seems HERE Android app has crossed 4 million downloads.

With HERE Maps Android app, you can use your Android device to navigate (real) offline in as many as 118 countries, and take advantage of the best mapping app for Android.Your device should be running Android 4.1 or higher for being able to install HERE Maps Android app. In case you can’t use Google Play Store for some reason, download it directly the below link.

Play Store link

Here Maps For Android

After announcing the release of its native Here Maps iOS app, Nokia has demoed its big mapping presence across various platforms, form factors and industries, claiming “Here is everywhere”. We can certainly find Here on all three major smartphone platforms and even on OSes like Tizen,Ubuntu and on Amazon Fire Phones. It also powers Cars, Smart Watches and Smart Glasses. Here is the choice maps for enterprises like SAP and FedEx too. Yahoo Maps, Baidu Maps, Bing Maps are also powered by Here Maps data.

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