WhatsApp rolls out major updates for Android and Windows Phone


WhatsApp has introduced several new features in its latest update of the Android and Windows Phone App. In this latest update, whatsapp has tried to make chats more personal with custom notifications while making it easier for users to keep a tab on their data consumption on voice calls.
Top Features

1) Custom Notifications: Just tap the name at the top of chat to access this new feature. With Custom notifications you can set different notification tone for different people along with ringtones and more.
Whatsapp new feature 1

2) Popup notifications: All of us are always tired of opening the app everytime you receive a new chat, dont you ?. Now, you don’t have to. Within Custom Notifications you can now choose to show messages in the form of popups and even reply without opening the app. (This feature available only on android and not on windows phone)

Whatsapp new feature 2

3) Mark as unread: Now you can mark chats as unread to see or respond to it later. Chats marked as unread are highlighted in the chat list.

4) Mute Chat: Someone is irritating you? Now you can mute individual personal chats.

Whatsapp new feature 3

5) Low data usage: WhatsApp Calls aren’t free unless you are using someone else’s WiFi. Located under the Calls tab settings, inside Chats and Calls, this feature claims to consume less data during WhatsApp calls.

6) Network Usage: You can monitor WhatsApp data consumption with this feature.

Apart from these, the new version brings minor changes to the contact list along with the call interface.

Yet to receive the update? Visit here to download the APK manually for Android Phones. Or You can visit Android Play Store

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